Natural Hormone Replacement

The term bio-identical hormone therapy, whether for women or men, has been around for some time, beginning as a medical marketing term for custom compounded hormones. Today, the medical terminology often refers to compounds that have an exact chemical and molecular structure as hormones that are produced in the body, which is the definition The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) has used to class the term.

Bio-identical hormones do not have to be custom-compounded, meaning that they don’t have to be custom mixed. There’s a wide range of researched and tested FDA-approved male and female hormone therapy products on the market in pharmacies. These products are often defined by this definition: Prescriptions for Compounded Medicines

What does BHRT stand for?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. BHRT is the use of supplemental doses of hormones that have a chemical structure identical to the hormones that the human body naturally produces.

What does BHRT do?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for women treats the symptoms of menopause, perimenopause and post menopause. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men treats male andropause and adrenal deficiency.

How are BHRT treatments created?

Bio-identical hormones are created at a compounding pharmacy, uniquely tailored for each individual patient. Many of the bio-identical hormones are made from natural sources and are then processed chemically and made into identical replicas of hormones the female or male body produces.

How is BHRT taken?

Bio-identical hormones are applied via a cream, a suppository, taken orally or are injected.