Dr. Moses Goldberg Testimonials

“After going home, I have had an opportunity to have everything sink into my brain. Thank you for listening to me, speaking to me in an intelligent manner, and offering up explanations and solutions. I felt heard after many months of my descriptions of symptoms falling on deaf ears. It was extremely refreshing and hopeful.” ~ L.D.

“I am a diabetic and Dr. Goldberg has worked with me to help me balance my body needs nutritionally. I found him a very generous gentle soul to work with, who truly wants to help his clients.” ~ C.R.

“I am so grateful for your guidance and knowledge in my area of prostate cancer. You are very kind and sensitive man/doctor. Thank you for all you’ve done.” ~ B.B.

“ Thank you Dr. Goldberg, you are a man of great caring and service.” ~ E.D.

“I came away from our appointment touched by your willingness to do some research on my condition. I know that you are there for me and I am grateful for you.” ~ S.C.

“Thank you for your caring support and medical advice as I was going through my grief.” ~ E.B.

“Please continue to be the great supporter and doctor that you are.” ~ Y.M.

“Thank you for your open-hearted, caring, patient support! Thank you, too, for your expertise and intention to help me with my health.” ~ L.W.

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my appointment on Tuesday. I like how you zeroed in on some key issues, and provided a one-sheet list that I can easily refer to. I learned a ton, and already seem to be reaping benefits.” ~ J.W.