The past 30 years has seen an extraordinary increase in consumer demand for safe, effective and cost-effective natural health care. Naturopathic medicine has emerged as the health-care profession best suited to meet this demand. Although it almost disappeared in the mid-twentieth century because of the popularity of drugs and surgery, naturopathic medicine now offers safe, effective natural therapies as a vital part of the health-care systems of North America in the twenty-first century.

Naturopathic physicians are trained in the art and science of natural health care at accredited medical colleges. Integrative partnerships between conventional medical doctors and licensed NDs are becoming more available. This cooperation makes more effective therapies available to consumers. It increases patient satisfaction in their relationships with their care providers. More people are recovering their health by adding naturopathic medicine to their health-care options.

Naturopathic Medicine needs your help. The California Naturopathic Doctors Association is working to create legislation which will make Naturopathic Medicine more accessible to those in need and allow insurance coverage of Naturopathic Medicine. If Naturopathic Medicine has helped you, please take a moment to learn more and to get involved. Please visit:

The 6 Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic physicians practice the six fundamental principles of naturopathic medicine:

  • The Healing Power of Nature
    Trust in the body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself.
  • Identify and Treat the Causes
    Look beyond the symptoms to the underlying cause.
  • First Do No Harm
    Utilize the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies.
  • Doctor as Teacher
    Educate patients in the steps to achieving and maintaining health.
  • Treat the Whole Person
    View the body as an integrated whole in all its physical and spiritual dimensions.
  • Prevention
    Focus on overall health, wellness and disease prevention.

Naturopathic Doctors are real doctors!

Licensed Naturopathic Doctors (N.D. or N.M.D.) have attended an accredited four-year post-graduate medical school. Licensed naturopathic doctors have passed state board exams and are primary care physicians in 16 states.Read more here...

House of Delegates Position on the definition of Naturopathic Medicine

Amended 2011 (Click here to download Definition of Naturopathic Medicine PDF).The House of Delegates position paper can also be read here.

-Much of this page has been reprinted with permission by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians,