At our clinic, we offer a variety of health and nutritional products and naturopathic supplements that are guaranteed in quality and substance. One of the benefits of using alternative medicine is that we get an opportunity to choose which types of medicine we wish to use. The downside to that is that, due to the lack of regulation, we are left with the “Wild Wild West,” where products are touted, but there is no accountability if what they claim is not actually in the bottle.

That’s why the naturopathic supplements we used are almost exclusively tested by a third party to ensure efficacious use by our patients. Before recommending naturopathic supplements, we perform functional medicine testing to assess your physiological, metabolic and genetic potential. Our functional medicine testing includes assessment of hormonal, osteoporosis, cardiovascular, adrenal, gastro-intestinal, immune function and detoxification systems. To learn more about our process and naturopathic supplements, please contact me.