What is The Health Detoxification Program?

Our 14-day health detoxification or body cleanse program is designed to effectively help your body eliminate built-up toxins, by strengthening your body’s eliminating and cleansing organ systems. These are the liver, kidney, skin, gastro-intestinal and respiratory systems. The program combines the use of a hypoallergenic diet, juice fasting, herbs and nutrients to augment this process.

We can also include functional laboratory testing in the areas of heavy metal and toxicity assessment.

Our health detoxification program can reduce as much as 50% your daily symptoms!

To sign up for our health detoxification program please give me a call at 707-284-9200 ext. 213 and we will proceed to move you forward on the path towards optimal health.

Why do a health detoxification program?

Over time the body accumulates toxic chemicals and allergens from our food, environment, and our general lifestyle. These can create a variety of annoying symptoms in our body as allergies, headaches, fatigue, sleep disorders, and chronic disease. By giving our bodily organs, such as the liver, kidney, skin and lungs, a chance to not only catch up but to help heal, we can start to erase those symptoms and begin to CREATE HEALTH.

Everyone can benefit by experiencing a health detoxification program.