Integrative Oncology is a developing field, in which highly skilled practitioners address patient demand for complementary cancer care by providing evidenced-based, complementary medicine (EBCAM), or also commonly known as Integrative Oncology.

The NIH reports complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use by oncology patients at 80%, with less than 50% reporting their use to their physician. It is essential that we find a way to offer safe, evidence-based, cost effective, natural medicine to our patients.

One of the major concerns about CAM has been the lack of data substantiating its benefits. The tide has shifted, and there are now many substantiated reports. In providing cancer care for his patients, Dr. Moses Goldberg develops a protocol for each patient, based on scientific research articles, clinical-peer review journals, and clinical experience of natural therapies to help throughout their conventional treatment.

Our goal when treating patients who are undergoing traditional cancer therapies, is to utilize the principles of naturopathic medicine to support and to overcome the negative effects of cancer, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery regimes, without interfering with the effect of those therapies.

Our goals in a Naturopathic Integrative Oncology consultation are multi-fold
  • Educate patients and providers on herb-drug-therapeutic interaction.
  • Redress concerns about source, quality, contamination and standardization of ingredients.
  • Boost and maintain ones individual physiology to enhance immune, digestive, and physical muscle mass and hydration.
  • Boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy, radiation through the use of researched natural therapies.
  • Decrease side effects of conventional treatment, without decreasing the effectiveness.
  • Address organ damage induced by conventional treatments (liver, heart, kidney, nerve, etc.)
  • Address nutritional deficiencies known to be induced by the conventional treatment.
  • Address any concurrent health conditions and medications being taken.

Our integrative oncology approach to cancer care can help our empowered patients reach these goals, as they move through one of their greatest health challenges.