Hi. This is Dr Moses Goldberg. It’s springtime. I wanna talk to you a little bit about allergy season. So allergies can be real nuisance. Burning eyes, runny nose, all the symptoms of your body releasing histamine. Histamine is a neurotransmitter, a little cellular communicator that’s in the body. And when this is released, it creates a lot of havoc and a lot inflammation. So what can we do to help prevent this release of histamine? Naturopathically, we always wanna look at what’s the cause. So if we know we have an allergen to some pollens out there, we try to avoid being outside at certain times. But also we wanna look at ways to increase our own immunity, so that when we are in contact with these allergens, our body can withstand it, and not have those symptoms appear.

So a few things we think about. One are some herbal responses that are really quite amazing. One is called nettles. And this is something you could pick up at your local herb store or health store as a capsule or better yet, as a tea. Drinking the tea, it’d be good to drink at least three to four cups a day during peak acute allergy time. If not, I would consider at least two to four of those capsules of nettles. Other things we think about are things like Bromaline or Quercetin, which also act at stabilizing those mass cells, which release the histamine. So again, the mass cells are these pro-inflammatory critters in your body. When they get exposed to an allergen, they explode and create havoc.

Another kind of therapy, more for the chronic person who has allergies, is doing sublingual immunotherapy. You might have heard of allergy shots. But this is something that you could do as allergy drops. And slowly over the course of two to three months, you’re taking small doses of the antigen, the foreign pollen that’s out there into your body. And then your body creates antibodies. And antibodies are ways for you bodies to create a stronger immune response. So when your body has the antibodies to the antigen, that foreign pollen, you don’t have those symptoms.

So again, doing sublingual immunotherapy is something that can really be helpful. Here’s my buddy the frog just saying something to consider during this allergy season time. Check out our website at¬†docmoses.com or give us a call at the office 707 284-9200. Hope you’re having a great day. Take care.