Hi. It’s Dr. Moses Goldberg, naturopathic doctor. What is naturopathic medicine and why would you consider trusting yourself with your health issues to a naturopathic doctor? Well, let’s start with what naturopathic medicine is. It’s a very distinct and unique form of medicine that’s been around the United States for over 100 years. Naturopathic doctors are licensed in over 17 states as primary care doctors. We learn all the western focus of disease, meaning that we studied the histology, physiology, microbiology, embryology, all the ‘ologies’ that are out there and put that into a context of finding what state of health or illness a person’s in, And then we put in our naturopathic modalities, things like herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, supplementation, physical medicine, IV therapies, homeopathy and a variety of other distinct, natural therapies to individualize the treatment.

With this, we also put our philosophy, and we really like to hold on to the philosophy of medicine as we see each and every patient which makes our consultations very unique. The philosophy of naturopathic medicine is that the ability of the body to heal itself. So when there is a disease and a balance in the body’s health, we try to enhance the body’s own natural physiology to increase and enhance health. So we would call this the ‘vis medicatrix naturae’, the healing power of nature, the innate body’s wisdom of healing itself. So we wanna help this process.

Also, we bring on a holistic perspective. We look at all the modalities at what could be the cause of the problem and not just merely treating symptoms. This is a really key difference that we find in naturopathic medicine that’s very different than your conventional allopathic medicine. What is the cause and getting beyond just treating the symptoms. And as we do this, we empower our patients with health education, having that broader outlook and perspective of what’s going on with their health. And with that, we’re able to create a deeper sense of healing and understanding of how one’s health concerns and diseases can be righted by not only looking at pathology and the disease structure, but looking at the physiology and enhancing that, and then we have a greater enhancement of healing for you, the patient.

So that succinctly is what naturopathic medicine is, and if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to speak with you. Please visit my website at docmoses.com or call us at the office, 707-284-9200. I look forward to helping you. This is Dr. Moses Goldberg, naturopathic doctor.